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Carb Depleting Tricks To Speed Up Fat Loss

Everyone cheats on a diet. On weekends and holidays, maybe. Or when you’re on holiday, or at a party. You cut yourself some slack from time to time. That’s just being human.

If you’re keen to burn off fat without worrying all the time about what you eat (or being perpetually irritable because you’re not eating anything nice!), then you must plan the right strategy. Otherwise you’ll be miserable counting calories or obsessing over the amount of carbs you’re eating.

Dieting does NOT have to be painful or complex. With some simple carb depleting tricks you can double the rate of fat loss – and enjoy the process.

Extreme Dieting Is Not Fun

Inconsistent dieting habits wreak your metabolism. Yo-yo dieting is ruinous to your internal environment. What’s worse is that it isn’t your fault at all. There are so many weight loss plans and programs, each with conflicting advise and patterns, that anyone can get confused.

Temporary fat loss is easy. And popular. Most people are looking for short cuts. A quick fix that’ll rid them of some fat for some time. The bad news is that they’ll gain it back in a year or less – but that’s not what diet program coaches are bothered about.

A better goal is to achieve fat loss that sticks. In a manner that isn’t painful or joy-crushing. By eating carbs strategically.

Everyone has incredible fat burning capacity. It’s right there inside you, waiting for the right signal to activate it. Nothing genetic or individual about it at all. You just need the right fat loss strategy to unlock this power.

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Understand Macro-patterning

Macro-patterning is a dieting style around which the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan revolves. It can melt away lower belly fat, making it your body’s primary source for energy. You’ll get a slimmer body while your metabolism fixes itself – and uses up abdominal fat to do it.

You must first understand that your body responds in a certain way to carbohydrate cycling. The adaptive response is based on a 72 hour reserve which is conserved for 48 hours. To consistently overcome this adaptative response, you must cycle carbs scientifically.

Your body is responding to the total amount of energy it believes there will be access to. It monitors your calorie and mineral intake, compares it against the energy consumption by activities, and budgets for how the energy must be generated. This is hard wired into your body – for survival.

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Maintaining Energy Balance

The energy balance is maintained by matching the food and calorie intake with proposed expenditure for activity. For rapid fat loss, you must manipulate the sources from where your body derives energy. You must trick it into burning off fat for energy.

If your body believes you’re dieting, it will go into fat-conserving mode. Body temperature will drop, metabolic rate slows, and fat is stored against future needs. Macro-patterning can fool this monitoring system – and adjust your metabolism to burn off fat.

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Advanced Depletion Does The Magic

You must first teach your body to burn fat – and show it where the fat is stored. Structured carb depletion sets the tone. Cycling carbs makes the process enjoyable. Low carb periods are a necessary evil that makes the system work.

Advanced depletion drains carbohydrate and glycogen stores, stops the body getting dependent on sugar, lowers glucose levels and reprograms your metabolism. Your muscles are primed and ready to use carbs and there’s a massive calorie deficit.

When you time this correctly, the signal goes out to melt fat – and never stop.

Problems With Carb Depletion

Abusing this strategy leads to rebound weight gain. If you’re fooled by rapid weight loss without realizing you’re just dropping water in the beginning, you might go on a binge and reset your metabolism back to where it was before dieting.

That’s a big mistake. Here’s how to deplete carbs the right way…

1. For 3 to 4 days, lower starches and fruit consumption to zero.

2. Increase fat in diet, double your green veggies on deplete days.

3. Double your water intake every day, before noon on weekends.

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When you follow this method strictly for 3 or 4 days at a time, the carb depletion will help you burn fat and sidestep the adaptive response.

You’ll see incredible results from using this tactic by using the right foods at the right times for the right durations. It’s ALL in the approach. And the 14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan will teach you the precise system designed to lose fat and gain fitness.

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