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How Not To Die Review

People think that if they have some types of disease or health issue it is the end of the world for them. They just give up. It’s as if there is nothing that can be done to change the said condition. Because of this kind of thinking majority of people with health issues end up living sub-optimal lifestyles when there is absolutely no need for it.

Any health problem no matter how hopeless it might seem to you can be mitigated to some extent at least through proper management. You have numerous options to do this.

Most probably you cannot reverse the health problem. But you can surely make it a little less debilitating than now. Here’s a book titled “How Not to Die: Discover the Foods Scientifically Proven to Prevent and Reverse Disease” that tells you how to take charge of your health … and even learn to make it better.

Did you know that the food you eat has a major influence on your health. Many studies have proven this time and again. A diet that helps reduce the symptoms of your health condition can significantly impact your life and improve it.

Learn to take charge of your health and life by reading this book and following the diet advice in it.

Most people want a healthy and balanced lifestyle that in turn will give them good health. But it is also fact that many don’t know how to do this. They might try out some random systems based on hearsay or an advice from a friend which often fail. With solid advice backed by research this book teaches you the simple steps that will help change your life.

You might be even be surprised that with “How Not To Die” as your guide everything is lot easier and simpler than you might think.

This book is the work of a trained doctor who explains the different conditions and the main causes for the same. You will learn about the problems that are most common and which are also impacted by the food you eat. Through this book you will learn that many diseases affecting the heart, lung and digestive cancers can be managed by changing your diet.
Conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure can be controlled and kept in check through changes in lifestyle. This in turn impacts your health and life. Even if you are under medication for these health issues a proper lifestyle and diet management can significantly better the quality of your life. They may even help reduce your medication which again is a major plus.

Thousands of people have found that this system works wonders for them and it can help you too. Diets are not just meant for weight loss. Eating certain types of food can affect many underlying health conditions too. All this and more are explained in this book so you can understand and apply them to your life.

Without knowledge you don’t know the reasons for why certain foods worsen your conditions while others help make you feel better. Reading this book gives you the information to make choices in terms of diet that influence your health. It teaches the type of foods to eat and those to stay away from. Step-by-step you learn how to eat, the lifestyle changes to make that will add years to your life.

The 576 pages of this book are not just about the foods to eat and those to avoid but it also contains useful exercise tips and information for a total health makeover.

Try out “How Not To Die” by going here – click. You can download a free sample chapter to see if you really like it.

Who doesn’t want to be happy?

Except a rare few, everyone wants to feel and live happy. The very source of this happiness lies deep within you. But to feel it you have to cultivate and feed this source. To release the power of happiness within you you have to reduce anxiety and stress.

The book “10% Happier” written by Dan Harris teaches us how to nurture the inner source of power within us. The author a famed news anchor suffered a serious panic attack on air while millions of viewers watched him on TV. This event forced him to make significant changes in his life to lead healthier and happier life.

This book is subtitled, “How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works.” The reason for this is each one of us like the author has a voice inside of us that narrates our life story.

Most often this inner narrator is not kind to us. It takes over control of our life and sometimes makes us react in very visible and public way like it happened with the author. As you might have guessed by now the voice in the author’s head was highly critical of him.

The highly critical inner voice telling you constantly that you are not good enough or don’t deserve an accolade or that you will never able to achieve your goals or dreams is the reason why we hold back. It keeps us stuck in a rut and does not let us progress.

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Why does it have this power?

Because we listen to it and believe in it.

We indulge in self-defeating behaviour because we listen to this inner voice. We give it too much credit and importance in our lives. We often lash out at others because our inner voice narrates a critical story about the other person even when they have done nothing significant to justify such a backlash. We are quick to react emotionally because of the story being narrated by our inner voice.

How many times have you reached out for food even though it is unhealthy and unnecessary because of the stress caused by your inner voices. Many binge on food, alcohol or recreational drugs because of the demons inside their head battling out. This critical inner voice and feelings push people to lead frenetic lifestyles to try to escape the noise inside their heads.

The judgemental and hyper-critical voice can turn people into workaholics, depressive people or junkies seeking adrenaline highs. In this frank book the author describes his own struggles battling with the inner track in his head. The great news is that the voice inside your head is really not in control and does not need to hold your life back.

You can take control of your life and run it on your own terms through meditation. This book teaches how to do this. Meditation also has other benefits like improving your health, calming your mind, keep your brain on track and keep the inner voice under a firm check.

Through this book you will learn to improve focus and find the inner happiness you seek. Most important that inner negative voice will no longer hold you prisoner. You can say goodbye to the critical inner track in your brain. You will learn to be aware of what you eat, what you say and how to be fully present in the moment. “10% Happier” will show you the way.

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