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The HCG Diet : Should You Try To Lose Weight Fast With It?

Doctors and nutritionists are puzzled at the renewed interest in the HCG diet. It had gained some popularity when Dr.Simeone first praised the ability of HCG to suppress appetite and melt away fat in the 1950s. The British endocrinologist formulated a HCG diet which thousands followed – until regulatory authorities got involved.

But I’m getting ahead of our tale. Let’s start at the beginning.

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What Is The HCG Diet?

There are many ways to skin a cat. Or to address the question: How to lose weight fast. The HCG diet plan is one of them.

HCG (an abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) is a pregnancy hormone that’s responsible for nausea and morning sickness. It also breaks down stubborn belly and visceral fat, which was expected to translate into a weight loss advantage.

Weight loss is dramatic and consistent in the early phases of a HCG diet plan. The program itself is simple, and involves 3 steps:

1. Take HCG drops or injections
2. Follow the calorie-restrictive diet (500 to 1200 calories daily)
3. Stick with the full 3 or 6 week program

Some dieters have reported losing a pound every day, and up to 30 pounds in a month.

HCG Diet Programs

There are 2 versions of the weight loss plan – a 3-week and 6-week program. Both involve restricting starch, sugar and fats in a variation of the low carb diet.

3 Week Plan (23 days)

Phase 1: Start a “loading dose” of HCG on days 1 and 2
Phase 2: Launch upon a low calorie diet (day 3 to 21)
Phase 3: Enter a stablization period for 21 more days
Phase 4: Maintain your lower weight

6 Week Diet (43 days)

Phase 1: Same loading dose of HCG as above
Phase 2: Low calorie diet for 40 days (day 3 to 42)
Phase 3: 21 days of stabilization
Phase 4: Maintenance stage begins

HCG Diet Plan

How To Take HCG In The Diet?

There are two types of HCG diets. In one, the hormone is administered by an injection in the thigh. In another, homeopathic low doses are taken as HCG drops.

Some critics claim that the oral dosing is useless since the hormone would be inactivated in the stomach and intestine. The role of HCG itself in non-pregnant people is unclear and a few physicians stubbornly insist that the benefits of a HCG diet are entirely related to the strict calorie control no carb diet itself, and have nothing to do with the hormone!

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What To Eat In The HCG Diet?

Serious practitioners of the HCG diet plan consume only 500 calories per day. This seems too harsh – and potentially unhealthy – to most nutritionists, and they recommend the 1200 calories per day version.

Plenty of water is necessary, with typical intakes measuring 2 liters or more. You may eat only one snack and must avoid salt, sugar and salad dressing. Black tea and coffee are permitted, but without sugar or cream.

Dieters are limited to:

* 2 sources of protein (eaten at different times)

* 2 kinds of fruits (again eaten separately)

* 2 vegetables daily

There are several charts of approved foods in the HCG diet food list available online for handy reference.

HCG Diet Food List

Some Things You Must Know About The HCG Diet

There are a few reasons to explain why the HCG diet, like the Dukan diet, is growing more popular among people seeking to lose weight fast, even when there are concerns voiced by medical professionals and regulatory authorities like the FDA about this fat burning program.

1. The HCG Diet Does Help You Lose Weight.

Dramatic stories of weight loss of one pound every day, and upto 30 or even 40 pounds in a month, abound. Believers don’t seem to care that such weight loss can be explained by the strict calorie restriction alone!

2. But Most Supplements Don’t Have HCG

That’s right. HCG is a prescription drug. It can only be dispensed on a doctor’s prescription. HCG drops, which are popular with dieters, actually contains “homeopathic” (trivial) quantities of the hormone.

3. Yet HCG Diet Is Not Homeopathic

To meet the FDA regulations for qualifying as a homeopathic remedy, HCG drops should be listed on their pharmacopoeia – and it isn’t. Elizabeth Miller, an FDA leader on health fraud, calls it an “unapproved drug, which is illegal”.

4. HCG Is Very Expensive

And you’re not even sure what you’re getting for your money!

5. Data Doesn’t Support The HCG Diet

No research studies comparing the benefits of a HCG diet have been carried out. If they were, experts believe that the weight loss would turn out to be the result of reduced caloric intake rather than any effect of HCG being responsible.

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Should You Try The HCG Diet?

If you’ll be guided by reputed specialists, the answer is ‘No’.

Dr.Pieter Cohen, a physician at Harvard Medical School, calls it “completely reckless, irresponsible and irrational”. The FDA has said it is neither safe nor effective. Even though the regulatory authority says the products are not necessarily dangerous, they say the claims made about HCG as a diet supplement are false and misleading.

Even as early as 1995, a review of 14 trials on the HCG diet concluded that all but two suggested that the program was no better than a placebo at lowering weight. A paper in the Canadian Medical Journal stated that HCG has no value in treating obesity.

Any weight loss is temporary, and dieters regain the shed pounds quickly after the program ends and they stop eating by a weight loss calculator.

Severe calorie-restriction diets have their own unique dangers, apart from any role HCG might play. Gallstone formation is more common. Heartbeat irregularities (arrhythmias) are more likely because of electrolyte disturbances.

Other side effects like irritability, tiredness, depression and fluid accumulation can be harmful for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

Young men can develop gynecomastia, a painful enlargement of their breasts. Thromboembolism (blood clots that can block lung arteries) are another potential danger from hormone treatment.

Frankly, if weight loss is your goal, there are other options that are safer and more effective, such as Shaun Hadsall‘s “14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan”.

After all, why would you risk your health and safety in blind pursuit of rapid weight loss – especially when any gains may not even be long lasting?

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HCG DIET Total Life Changes RESULTS 2015



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