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How Useful Is a Fat Percentage Weight Loss Calculator?

Would you like a weight loss calculator that can tell you the percentage of fat you lose, just like on NBC’s ‘The Biggest Loser’?

There are many free weight loss calculators that you can access online to keep track along your journey to shed those extra pounds. The formula they use is essentially the same.

Weight loss percentage = (Pounds lost / Weight at the start) X 100

So if your weight is now 175 pounds and you lose 15 over the next 3 months, your weight loss calculator will say your percentage lost is (15/175) * 100 = 8.5%

In other words, you’ve lost 8.5% of your body weight. But this includes both muscle and fat loss. To estimate how much of this was due to fat loss alone, your weight loss calculator must be able to tell your body fat percentage.

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Body Fat Percentage Calculator

Want to know how to lose weight fast? Before using this weight loss calculator, you must understand that this method is only an estimate and there are other methods which are more accurate for measuring body fat percentage, such as hydrostatic weight and skin-fold thickness callipers.

The parameters that you will enter into the weight loss calculator include your total body weight, waist and hip measurements, forearm and wrist circumferences, and gender (males and females have slightly different formulas to measure fat percentage).

But Why Use a Weight Loss Calculator At All?

When it comes to losing weight, there’s a lot of myth and misinformation out there. An endless array of programs like the Dukan diet or HCG diet, and modifications like a low carb diet or a no carb diet each have their own acolytes and fans. Still, it’s possible to lose weight healthily and easily… if you understand some basic principles.

No, it is NOT complicated at all!

Though it isn’t quite as simple as counting calories or “eating this, not that”. And a key tool to help you along the way is a weight loss calculator (like the one below at the bottom of this page) which you can use to create meal plans and keep track of your weight.

A weight loss calculator tells you how many calories you eat (or should) and how they are divided among proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your diet. Now, before you start telling yourself, “Oh, that’s all too tough to follow, I don’t want to hear about it”STOP.

Because if you think you’re going to lose weight without bothering about your calorie intake or how much energy your body burns, you’re dreaming!

Understand Your Metabolism

Weight Loss Calculator Calories

Your body continuously burns food to generate energy which is used up in various activities – both conscious ones that you’re aware of, and automatic ones like breathing and digestion that you don’t even know are happening inside you.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is how much energy is burned by your body while you’re at rest. This is what it takes to keep you alive and well. Even if you’re not physically active, your BMR accounts for a large share of your calorie consumption – and so it matters in successful and long sustained weight loss.

There are weight loss calculators that can estimate BMR from your height, weight, body fat percentage and activity levels. These measurements are useful in drawing up diet and meal plans.

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Know Your Energy Consumption

When you add up your BMR and the energy your body uses up for various activities, you get the total energy expenditure (TEE). Important among these activities are some unnoticed ones like digestion of the food you eat.

Different types of food have varying energy producing ability (also called ‘thermogenic effect of food’). Fats are easiest to digest and release the most energy when burnt by your body. Proteins are harder to digest, and your body spends more energy on them.

We’ve already explored the role of protein in weight loss in another article. Higher protein intake helps lose weight by building muscle, preserves muscle during calorie restriction which forces your body to burn off fat for energy, and increases satiety which lowers hunger craving and food intake.

Low carb diets are very helpful in fat loss. But at the same time, you must realize that carbs are not your enemy. A carb restricted diet plan combined with adequate proteins can be most effective at getting rid of belly fat.

Fat restriction has recently been debunked as helping weight loss. Current recommendations from the Institute of Medicine are to ensure a third of calories are in the form of dietary fat. Of course, your level of activity will determine the specific proportion that’s optimal for you – and that’s where a weight loss calculator plays a role.

Weight Loss Goal Calculator

Factors For Weight Loss

Three variables influence your weight loss:

* basal metabolic rate

* total energy consumption

* macronutrient balance in diet

These determine the balance between the amount of energy your body generates from the food you eat and the quantity it uses up in various activities. When you use up more calories than you consume, naturally you tend to lose weight.

Positive energy balance, a condition where you consume more energy than your body needs, leads to the excess being stored in the form of fat. An important recent development is that the kind of food is less important than the total calorie value of your daily intake.

A weight loss calculator is therefore very important to quantify the calories you eat and insure that you remain in negative energy balance to lose weight. Below is a weight loss calculator to help you draw up a diet plan for sustained and effective loss of weight.

Do your own research before you make up your mind. And decide if the a weight loss calculator is good for your diet and plan.

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