How To Lose Weight Fast And Easily – Without Deadly Pills Or Painful Exercises

An unusual 15 year old diet is once again becoming popular because it shows you how to lose weight fastand do it without dangerous pills, painful exercise, or even any extraordinary effort at all.

In fact, except for breakfast, you get to eat whatever you like!

Sound like a dream?

I thought so as well. But many people have tried it out and found that the system works very effectively at helping dieters lose weight fast. Weight loss of 10 to 15 pounds over a two- to four-week period is not unusual.

So what is this almost miraculous diet called?

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Introducing: The Japanese Morning Banana Diet

Eat a banana every morning. Drink a glass or two of warm water. For the rest of the day, you can eat anything you like. It’s that simple!

Now put your disbelief on hold for a while. While it appears impossible that just eating a banana for breakfast could help you lose weight fast, the science behind it is irrefutable. Let’s look at the facts.

Hitoshi Watanabe first detailed this low carb diet after he tried a range of different ways to lose weight fast – and none of them worked. Along with his wife Sumiko, a pharmaceutical specialist, he reviewed the regimens he had tested.

Out of their analysis came this simple approach to rapid fat loss. It appealed immediately to dieters who disliked the idea of sweating it out at a gym, or loathed the thought of taking pills (many of them with spurious claims and dangerous side effects).

Eating a fresh uncooked, non-frozen banana every morning – and nothing else until lunch time – seemed like an acceptable compromise… especially if it worked.

How Does The Morning Banana Diet Act?

Bananas are rich in starch. There are two kinds of starch – digestible and resistant.

Resistant starch is not acted upon by digestive enzymes in the stomach and small intestine. It reaches the colon relatively unchanged, where it is fermented by gut bacteria.

There the starch is turned into short-chain fatty acids which are necessary for cells lining the large bowel, thereby keeping the gastrointestinal tract healthy.

Bananas are a rich source of fiber, potassium and glucose. They boost energy and speed up your metabolism. By giving a sense of satiety and fullness that lasts for a few hours, this helps keep you from overeating through the course of your day.

What Are The Rules?

How to lose weight in a week

But how to lose weight fast by eating just bananas? How many pieces of the fruit can you eat?

There is no limit. In Japanese, there’s a proverb that goes: Hara hachibu ni isha irazu (“A stomach eight-tenths full needs no doctor.”)

So you’re advised to eat enough to keep you full, but not to the point where you feel stuffed.

* Begin your day by sipping on a glassful of warm water. This is to get your metabolism going.

* Around an hour later, eat a raw banana. Wait for 20 minutes. If you still feel hungry after that, eat another one.

* Avoid milk or alcohol, as far as possible.

* For lunch and dinner, eat whatever you normally do – but keep the eight-tenths rule in mind and limit the quantity you eat.

* Your last meal of the day should be no later than 8 p.m.

* You should go to bed by midnight, because sleep deprivation causes stress hormone release that interferes with losing weight fast.

That’s it. No more Morning Banana Diet rules. Everything else you do – or choose not to do – is up to you. Exercise if you like, or don’t. Eat whatever else you normally would, or don’t. It has no effect on how much weight you lose or how quickly it happens.

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Is This Diet Better Than Others To Lose Weight Fast?

Yes, and here’s why. This simple approach on how to lose weight fast, safely and effectively, has several benefits over other complex, expensive options.

* It is safe. No deadly pills or medication with dangerous side effects.

* It is cheap. Bananas are inexpensive and readily available.

* It is healthy. Bananas are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber.

* It boosts metabolism. Byproducts of fermentation enhance fat burning ability.

One limitation that is highlighted by nutritionists is that a banana based no carb diet is low on protein. This means you should include extra protein sources like salmon or lean cuts of meat to compensate for this deficiency.

Does This Really Work To Lose Weight Fast?

How much should I weigh

Knee-jerk criticism abounds. Maybe it’s the name – Japanese Morning Banana Diet – that makes it (like the Dukan diet and HCG diet) a target of some health writers and nutrition bloggers, but there’s a fair amount of critical reviews about the system. Just a little of it is legitimate.

Most analyses were posted by people who’ve never tested out the only claim it makes – how to lose weight fast – for themselves.

And boiled down to the basics, that’s the only thing this diet promises. It shows you how to lose weight fast. Not how to get fit. Or improve your overall health. Or foster world peace, save the blue whale or defeat global warming!

All the Japanese Morning Banana diet tells you is how to lose weight fast.

And it does this wonderfully well. Effectively. Safely.

And easily.

Here’s some of the criticism:

1. It must be a fad because it doesn’t advocate exercise.

Not true. Walking is recommended. Other exercises and workouts are optional.

You don’t need them to lose weight fast. But it can certainly help. After all, as a review of published weight loss literature by the New York Times showed, few people can achieve significant weight loss from exercise alone, even if exercise provides some extended benefits beyond how to lose weight fast.

2. You’ll get sick of eating bananas, this isn’t sustainable.

Some people claim that eating bananas every morning will be boring. Others say they hate bananas.

Well, other fruit is allowed instead. And you’re permitted to eat anything for lunch, dinner and snacks – so why would a limited breakfast choice be “too restrictive”?

3. What kind of serious diet lets you eat anything – even pizza?!

A sensible diet, one that works, and lives up to the promise of how to lose weight fast… like the Japanese Morning Banana diet.

Look, even if it doesn’t require you to use a weight loss calculator to count calories, it doesn’t say you can eat as much as you want. It only permits you to choose anything you like – which you eat ‘normally’. The 80-20 rule (eat until you’re 80% full) ensures that your weight loss progress won’t be harmed.

4. There’s no mystery in it!

Sadly, many dieters still crave drama in their diets – even more than results. It isn’t enough to know how to lose weight fast. They also want a ‘secret ingredient’ or a ‘magic element’ to be at play.

Forget it. This diet works. You’ll lose weight. Fast. Even if it isn’t magical in any sense.

Bottom-line: Diets have guidelines. If they get you to eat less, you’ll lose weight. The ones most effective at how to lose weight fast make it less convenient for you to over-eat.

Those are the diets that work. The Japanese Morning Banana diet is one. Another is Shaun Hadsall‘s ’14 Day Rapid Fat Loss Plan’ which is among the easiest fat loss plans to stick with. You can learn more about it in my review – click here.

Try one out. It may work for you. If it doesn’t, just remember the wise advice – No diet is right for everybody.

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FREE REPORT: 30 Snack Ideas For Your Low Carb Diet
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30 Low Carb Diet Recipes

Now go watch this short 6-minute video on how to lose weight fast:

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