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38 Fat Loss Foods To Avoid – What To Eat To Lose Belly Fat?

To lose weight you should not only eat healthy but also know the fat loss foods to avoid. And the list is long. While fat burning foods will help you get rid of belly fat, there are others that slow down your metabolism and pile on more fat. Here are the usual culprits.

The list of fat loss foods to avoid sometimes seems to include everything that you want to eat!

But, no. With some common sense precautions you can avoid the worst ones and still enjoy delicious meals and snacks as you burn off fat.

So what are some foods you should never eat?

Some foods like coconut oil, eggs and yoghurt help lose fat by boosting metabolism. Others like processed junk foods loaded with calories will only put on more fat. Whenever you’re unsure, check the food label. Be especially watchful for added sugar and deceptive claims of health benefits.

Apart from being aware of these fat loss foods to avoid, also keep track of serving sizes. Even healthy foods like cheese and nuts are calorie-loaded and eating too much of them can add on extra pounds. Let’s look at some of the foods to avoid if you want to lose weight.

Fat Loss Foods To Avoid


fat loss foods to avoid drink

1. Sugary Drinks and Sodas

Sodas and drinks with added sugar are unhealthy and make you gain weight. A can of soda has as many calories as two candy bars! These drinks are high in “empty calories”, with no nutritional value and are not filling. So you continue to feel hungry and eat more. Your body turns to sugar for its energy needs, preserving fat stores in your body.

2. Diet Soda

“But… diet soda is okay, right?” Wrong!

There’s a good reason why diet soda is on your list of fat loss foods to avoid. It, too, has zero nutritive value. And even if it doesn’t have sugar, the artificial sweeteners that lend it flavor will wreak havoc with your weight, mess with your fat metabolism, and pile on extra pounds. It will also boost food cravings and you’ll tend to eat more.

3. Fruit Juices

Buying cartons or cans of fruit juice off a supermarket shelf is a recipe for gaining weight! Packaged fruit juices are highly processed and always contain extra sugar. Most brands have no fiber or nutrients either. Fresh squeezed fruit juice (without added sugar) or whole fruit is a better alternative if you want to lose fat.

4. Green Juices

There’s nothing magical about “green” juices that makes them healthy. Some green juices actually contain more sugar to mask the natural flavor or enhance taste. The healthy green juices are vegetable based and have no extra sugar. Use lemon or ginger to reduce the bitterness. Limit yourself to a glass or two. Less is more!

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5. Smoothies

Homemade with the right ingredients, smoothies are healthy and help fat loss. But it’s easy to load them with calories, fat and carbs. Smoothies made from full-fat milk with nut butter, ice cream or sugar are definitely near the top of fat loss foods to avoid. Make your smoothies with a yoghurt base and add protein powder, fresh fruit and raw vegetables to keep it a healthy, nourishing drink.

6. Alcohol (Especially Beer)

Not all alcohol is bad for fat loss, but in general, drinking gives you more calories than other carbs or protein-rich food. Each gram of alcohol provides 7 calories. And your body prefers burning alcohol for energy before moving on to other sources like belly fat.

Beer is particularly effective at putting on weight. Just look around at all the beer-bellies! A small amount of wine is allowed as part of many fat loss diet programs. In moderation, even other kinds of alcohol aren’t harmful.

7. Sweetened Tea

While herbal or green tea is a great alternative to sugary fruit juices or soda, sweetened iced tea is as bad as its calorie-loaded cousins. The anti-oxidant and stimulant advantages of sweet tea are outweighed by the empty sugar-calories it brings along for the ride. Get used to drinking black tea with a lemon twist for flavor and streamline your weight loss journey.

8. Coffee Drinks

It’s true that caffeine in coffee can speed up your metabolism and encourage burning fat stores. But special coffee drinks that are made by adding extra ingredients like cream, ice cream, sugar, chocolate syrup and more can completely negate this benefit – and in fact worsen your weight problem. If you want to drink coffee to help lose weight, stick with black coffee without sugar, creamer or other add-ons. Put all other kinds of coffee drinks on your list of fat loss foods to avoid.

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Fat Loss Foods To Avoid


fat loss foods to avoid dairy

9. Whole Milk

Full-fat milk contains more fat and cholesterol than other kinds. Choose skimmed milk to enjoy all the goodness of milk without extra calories or fat.

10. Ice Cream

Tasty but unhealthy, ice cream is rich in both calories and sugar. An occasional scoop (or even two!) won’t harm you. But if you eat ice cream by the tub, be prepared to see those love handles around your waist get bigger! Of course, you can enjoy a tasty dessert without these drawbacks by making your own ice cream with yoghurt, fruit, and only little sugar.

11. Flavored Yoghurt

Is yoghurt a fat burning food, or not? It sounds confusing, because Greek yoghurt is often recommended as a healthy ingredient in many fat loss diets. What makes flavored yoghurt one of the fat loss foods to avoid is the 30 grams of sugar per serving that it contains. Instead add a few berries or a spoonful of honey to Greek yoghurt.

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12. Margarine

It is popularly believe that margarine is healthier than butter. It’s not. Margarine has plenty of unhealthy trans fat and provides no nutritive value whatsoever. It’s truly among fat loss foods to avoid.

13. Nut Butters

The problem with nut butter is that most brands contain added sugar and fructose corn syrup which adds to your calorie intake. Also, nuts are rich in fat, and it’s harder to control portion sizes when spreading peanut butter on your sandwich or pastry. Calories add up quickly and you end up gaining weight.

Fat Loss Foods To Avoid


fat loss foods to avoid snacks

14. Candy Bars

“Eat chocolate and lose weight” says a popular Internet meme. It’s appealing and attractive. It’s also NOT true. Candy bars are extremely bad for fat loss. They are rich in sugar, oils, flour and low in nutrients. Even small candy bars contain a few hundred calories. If you crave a snack, stick to whole fruit or nuts.

15. Energy Bars

Granola and energy bars aren’t that different from candy bars! Loaded with sugar to deliver an energy boost, each bar adds 300 to 500 calories to your intake. That’s going to be tough to burn off, even with a hectic workout.

16. Pastries and Cakes

Though complex carbohydrates are digested gradually, your cookies, cakes and pastries come loaded with sugar, flour and trans-fat that ultimately is harmful to your body. They are also not filling, which leads to eating more than you should.

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17. French Fries

Baked potatoes are good. Fried and as chips, not so good. Not only are they loaded with calories, they’re also deep fried in oil and addictively tasty – which makes them extremely hard to resist. Some research suggests chips and fries are the most fattening foods of all.

18. Microwave Popcorn

Greasy, processed and loaded with sodium and fat, microwave popcorn is definitely a fat loss food to avoid. Air popped or cooked on a stove, however, popcorn is a delicious and healthy snack that’s rich in anti-oxidants and fiber.

Fat Loss Foods To Avoid


fat loss foods to avoid

19. White Bread

White bread is refined, contains extra sugar and has a high glycemic index. This leads to spikes in your blood glucose level shortly after eating, and a later dip that leaves you hungrier – and craving more food.

20. Bagels

Bagels are worse, with each containing the equivalent in carbs of 6 slices of white bread. Think you’re going to lose fat eating that?

21. Multigrain Bread

Apparently healthier, some brands of multigrain bread can be just as bad as white bread – unless it’s made of whole grain. Be sure to check.

22. Pizza

How is pizza bad for weight loss? Let’s count the ways. High calories. Refined flour. Processed meat. Easy to overeat. Want more? If you crave pizza, choose homemade ones with healthy ingredients.

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23. Pasta

Made from highly processed wheat that’s devoid of any fiber, regular pasta is quickly digested – and leaves you hungry only hours after your meal. Whole grain pasta is a better option as it digests slowly and you’ll eat less of it.

24. Chicken Cutlets

Chicken is an excellent fat loss food – but when you mix in bread and deep fry it in oil, it becomes one of the fat loss foods to avoid. The extra calories and fat cause you to gain weight and increase blood cholesterol levels as well.

Fat Loss Foods To Avoid


fat loss foods to avoid cereal

25. High Sugar Cereal

Cereals are a great way to get your day going. But many brands are sugar-loaded and will give you a glucose-high followed by intense hunger a few hours later. Worse, research suggests that when you buy them in value-pack sized boxes, you tend to overeat by as much as 22%.

26. White Rice

Like many other cereals, processed white rice has no fiber and the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants from its husk have been polished away. The high glycemic index leads to shorter satiety and craving for food soon after eating. Brown rice is a better option for fat loss.

27. Granola

Though widely promoted as ‘health food’, granola is laced with sugar and extra fat. It delivers an energy punch for breakfast, but one that fades rapidly over the day. The calorie load you’ll get from eating enough to fill your belly will inevitably lead to weight gain.

Fat Loss Foods To Avoid Category


fat loss foods to avoid sauce

28. Sugary Syrup

Stop reaching out automatically for that bottle of syrup to pour over your pancakes or muffins. Remember the fructose-rich, nutrient-devoid liquid turns into rolls of fat around your tummy.

29. Frosting

Delicious to smother over cakes, cookies and donuts, frosting is rich in sugar and calories – which means you won’t lose weight. Just another fat loss food to avoid.

30. Fat-free Salad Dressing

Labels can be misleading. Sure, your salad dressing may not contain fat – but it does have sugar. Quite a lot of it, actually. So while your salad will be low in calories, your dressing makes up for it!


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31. Seasoning Salts

A maximum sodium intake of 2.3 grams per day is what the USFDA recommends. But seasoning used in many processed foods is high in salt as well as calories. Read food labels carefully.

32. Soy Sauce

This low-calorie sauce is loaded with sodium and can leave you feeling bloated. Go light on it.

33. Coffee Creamer

Coffee tastes bitter and strong. Drink it that way, and you’ll be fine. But when you add creamer and milk to each cup, you’re stoking up on extra calories which will make you fat.

Fat Loss Foods To Avoid


fat loss foods to avoid salad

34. Goitrogens:

Some raw vegetables contain chemicals that prevent iodine absorption and lead to low thyroid hormone levels. Vegetables like cabbage and broccoli, pine nuts and canola oil are examples. Put these among your fat loss foods to avoid eating raw.

35. Coleslaw

Cabbage alone can lower weight. With all the mayonnaise added in coleslaw, you’ll be lucky not to put on any! Even a small serving can add 250 calories to your intake. Beware!

36. Caesar Salad

Creamy dressings and cheese turn a healthy fat loss salad into a calorie-trap. Use vinaigrette dressings instead, and make fresh vegetable salads with tomatoes, peppers and cucumber.

37. Dried Fruit

Dessicated dry fruit is usually sweetened by adding sugar, making it calorie-dense and therefore a fat loss food to avoid. It’s easy to pop a handful of raisins into your mouth… and also harmful to your weight loss dreams.

38. Tropical Fruits

Generally speaking, fruits are good for fat loss. But some sweet tropical fruits like mangoes and pineapple are better avoided when you’re trying to get rid of stubborn belly fat.

There… 38 foods to avoid if you’re looking to lose fat.

So the next time someone asks, “How can I reduce belly fat?” you know what to tell them! And be sure to stay away from these fat loss foods to avoid when you want to melt away those extra pounds of fat!

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